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to curb sidewalk with curbilder machine
training for Curbilder extruder
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Select the suitable Training for Curbilder extruders

Training for Curbilder extruders is very helpful. It will qualify your new working team to this job, it will upgrade basic knowledge regarding how to build commercial concrete or asphalt curbs, it will increase quality and productivity and get your customer’s satisfaction. It also could help you to get state of linistry agreement for freestanding curbs. So many reasons to get train !

We offer Training for Curbilder extruders in France, in East of Europe and in Noth Africa, but we sometimes also suggest training in your country. We offer training session at the delivery of the Curbilder curb machine, before the first use, but also during this first work, to help you to provide high quality and good reference to your customers or to help you to build your showplace. This training session could also be customized to fit to your needs.

Training duration could be 2 days, 4 days or 6 days, and we offer complete and detailed training programs. These program and duration can also be customized.

If you have any question regarding training offer contact us . You also can get a free quotation now.