Present our free standing curb offer in your country

How to promote our Curbilder machine and present our free standing curb offer ?

Get a Curbilder machine

Get one or more of our Curbilder machine to be shown in your country to the concern people. it is your first step to get into the free stanfing curb business. Select your Curbilder machine and Get a quote

global curbing curbilder extruder 2

Organize a free standing curb show

Organize a curb show at your place or in your area to present our free standing curb offer. We will be glad to curb some different shape just in front of your customers, then to answer any question about machine, capability and technology of the Curbilder. Select a Curbilder and get inform about concrete asphalt extruding technology

training for Curbilder extruder

Draw attention from the contractors

This show place figuring our free standing offer will be kept, to show shapes, durability and resistance ot this free standing curb offer based on the Curbilder machine. Use it to draw attention on the Curbilder multipurpose extruders. To know more about shape and size, see our curbilder photo gallery


Manage request and orders

During the show or later on, we will explain, quote, sell and help to develop the free standing curb business and the Curbilder fame for our common good. Come to us to get more information about what we can do together ! Get a quote or Contact us

to curb fast a parking area