MC655 Curbilder extruder : To curb where others don’t

MC655 Curbilder extruder is the adapted machine to curb concrete or asphalt curbs under a guardrail.
Especially desing and build to permit to pour concrete or asphalt curbs beside the extruder, this MC655 Curbilder extruder is the perfect answer to curb after the gardrail is set up.
Upgraded from a MC650 curbilder  the MC655 Curbilder extruder have been equiped with a modify frame and special parts to answer this request without reducing quality or productivity.
For over fifty years the Miller MC Series Curbilders ® extruders have offered unequaled performance and versatility for the placement of freestanding curb. These simple and efficient self-propelled machines operate on the extrusion principle and provide the most economical means available of constructing small to mid-sized continuous curb from either concrete or asphalt. This quick and efficient process drastically reduces the high labor costs associated with hand formed and poured curb and produces high quality, extremely dense curb at a rate of up to 15 fpm. Miller’s exclusive interchangeable extrusion auger assemblies give each Curbilder ® the capacity to extrude more shapes and sizes than any machine in its class, from 3-1/2” to 18” high curb.

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Information about our other curb machine : MC250MC350MC550 & MC650MC850MC900
Curbilder ® is a registered trademark.

MC655 Curbilders extruders advantages

MC655 Curbilders ® extruders is specially build to answer technical problem as to curb under a guardrail.
• Every Curbilder ® extruders model will extrude concrete or asphalt
• Four interchangeable extrusion assemblies with auger diameters 6”
• Curbilder extruders extrude from right or left side of the machine
• Place curb within 1” of an obstacle
• Extrude steel rod through the curb center (optional hollow auger assembly)
• Extrude over pins (optional form)
• Two-piece 5” and 6” cast auger allowing four separate wear surfaces for extended life
• Easy access and removal of all extrusion components for maintenance and quick clean-up
• Nearly 2,000 curb choices with custom shapes available at no additional cost

MC655 is based on the MC650 curbilder version but with modified frame allowing extrusion under existing guardrail.


MC550 MC650 MC850 MC900
Operating Weight 668 lb. 718 lb. 918 lb. 959 lb.
Height (Steering handle down) 38" 38" 40.5"
Width 32.25" 32.25" 32.25"
Length with Form (steering handle up) 77.5" 77.5" 91.5"
Wheelbase 52.75" 52.75" 71"
Hopper Capacity 6.1 cubic feet 6.1 cubic feet 9.0 cubic feet
Standard Tire Configuration (9) 8" dia. x 2" solid rubber (9) 8" dia. x 2" solid rubber (4) 4.10 x 3.50 pneumatic front +
(3) 8" dia. x 2.5" solid rubber rear

13 HP Honda
14 HP Kohler

20.3 HP Honda
20.3 HP Honda
Engine Starting System Recoil Electric Electric Electric
Fuel Capacity 1.6 gal. 2.3 gal. 3.3 gal.
Standard Auger Configuration (2) cast 6" dia. x 9" lg. (2) cast 6" dia. x 9" lg. (3) cast 6" dia. x 9" lg.
Optional Auger Configurations (2) cast 5" dia. x 9" lg.
(1) welded 8" dia. x 18" lg.
(2) cast 5" dia. x 9" lg.
(1) welded 8" dia. x 18" lg.
(1) welded 10" dia. x 18" lg.
(3) cast 5" dia. x 9" lg.
(3) welded 8" dia. x 18" lg.
(3) welded 10" dia. x 18" lg.
Hollow Auger Shaft (to extrude rebar) Optional Optional Not available
Drive System Automatic centrifugal clutch to enclosed 8:1 gear reducer; final auger drive chain & sprocket
Extrusion process provides self-propulsion
Steering Tie rod with 40" steering handle
Brake Friction pad on steering handle


MC655 Same as MC650, but with modified frame allowing extrusion under existing guardrail.
MC750 Same as MC650, but with two continuously turning auger assemblies, one mounted on the left and one on the right, allowing immediate changeover from right to left hand extrusion.

As mention in the overview, the MC655 Curbilder ® extruder comes from the MC650.
So here is also below a video of the MC650 Curbilder ® model.
Remember this MC655 curbilder ® pour concrete or asphalt curbs and gutters