Concrete Asphalt Extruding technology

What extruding technology is about ?

This technology allows to curb on site.

The CONCRETE ASPHALT extruding technology apply to extruder machine allows to place freestanding curb and gutter of different shape and size on different kind of basement like ground or asphalt.

Trucks bring the raw material on site and supply the extruder.

Ready mix concrete or asphalt is directly provided on curb site by trucks and use by the extruder machine.

The extrusion principal provides required density to curb.

This extrusion priNcipal apllies to the raw material thanks to screw and a curbform adapt this material to the selected shape.

For which advantages ?

This concrete asphalt extruding technology is the easiest way to place curbs.

No heavy curbs to bring, no mortar to hold it together, no hardwork or backache for workers

This technology takes up a small space to build on curb or gutter.

One street lane or less is needed to extrude curbs. So it is less trouble for walkers and less traffic jam.

This technology provide the fastest way to place curbs.

Compare to traditional curbs placement, extruding technology increse the productivity by 3,4 5 or 10 depending on the work.

Which business does it concern ?

The extruding technology answer to road construction needs

Road companies need to provide high quality and dense curbs. Curbilder’s extruders answer to the high level of requirement and offer betwen 15 and 30 fpm depending on the selected Curbilder).
Road companies need productivity also. Working on binder course or on wearing course, commercial Curbilder’s extruder offer a 500-700 linear meter/day productivity or more depending on the curb form.
Road companies need different size of curb even on the same works. The commercial Curbilder range of extruder will build on, the needed curbs, until 18″ (55 cm) and small to medium gutters. MC Curbilder machines curb as well on right hand and left hand and remove from one to the other side in a few minutes. As well curbform can be remove and replace in a few minutes also. We offer a wide choice of hundreds of curb forms and we do customized ones TOO.

The extruding technology fast build parking area for mall or public building

Curbilder’s extruders work easy to curb parking area and parking slots and much important, to to circles to protect trees or lights on or aroud this parking area.

The extruding technology will provide concrete or asphalt curbs to any other business

Please come to us to study how this CONCRETE ASPHALT EXTRUDING technology and our curb machines could answer your or your customer needs. You will be pleasantly surprise to discover what we can do.

The Miller Curber Curbilder's advantages

It is not enough to know well about concrete asphalt extruding technology, you should get the right machines.

Miller Curber offer quality engineered products for the construction industry. At Miller Curber, it’s a philosophy.
From engineering and design to production, the current Miller Curber Curbilders build on a proud heritage that is over 50 years old. And the company remain focused on building quality engineering into every product we make. The bottom line is that you will always get a tough, dependable product that combines safe and easy operation with superior performance.
That’s what you can expect from Miller-Quality products that are built to stand the test of time.
For over fifty years the Miller MC Series Curbilders have offered unequaled performance and versatility for the placement of freestanding curb. These simple and efficient self-propelled machines operate on the extrusion principle and provide the most economical means available of constructing small to mid-sized continuous curb from either concrete or asphalt. This quick and efficient process drastically reduces the high labor costs associated with hand formed and poured curb and produces high quality, extremely dense curb at a rate of up to 15 fpm (up to 30 fpm for MC900). Miller’s exclusive interchangeable extrusion auger assemblies give each Curbilder the capacity to extrude more shapes and sizes than any machine in its class, from 3-1/2” to 18” high curb. A wide variety of options allow these machines to meet the toughest specification work.

Miller Advantages
• Every model will extrude concrete or asphalt
• Four interchangeable extrusion assemblies with auger diameters from 5” to 10”
• Extrude from right or left side of the machine
• Place curb within 1” of an obstacle
• Extrude steel rod through the curb center (optional hollow auger assembly)
• Extrude over pins (optional form)
• Two-piece 5” and 6” cast auger allowing four separate wear surfaces for extended life
• Easy access and removal of all extrusion components for maintenance and quick clean-up
• Nearly 2,000 curb choices with custom shapes available at no additional cost

How to get into this business ?

Come easily into the concrete asphalt curb business thanks to the concrete asphalt extruding technology !

Fill out our get a quote form, present your needs and you will get a quotation for the suitable machine and parts.
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